A comprehensive guidebook to a massive, ongoing revolution in the world of marketing and advertising.

Marketing analyst and popular corporate speaker Ben Legg has at last written a book, and readers who are already familiar with his speaking style will know something of what to expect: punchy delivery, cut-to-the-chase presentation of facts, and plenty of innovative thinking. He writes as if his readership consists entirely of CEOs, but his book will also appeal to general readers who are interested in how social media and “Big Data” are changing the business landscape. The author breaks his subject down by providing quick, basic looks at various business goals, such as delivering value to customers while establishing long-term relationships with them; making a profit; and dominating a market (or, as he puts it, “crush[ing] your competitors’ hopes and dreams beneath the heels of your Converse sneakers….You know, the fun stuff”). .. Read More

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Marketing for CEOs: Death or Glory in the Digital Age by Ben Legg is a powerful tool not only for CEOs, but for all marketing professionals who want to increase sales and build a base of very loyal customers. This book answers the question: What does it take to successfully reach out to customers in today’s digitized, competitive, and complex marketing arena? Drawing from his rich experience and from research, the author and keynote speaker offers powerful points and strategies that will allow leading marketing personnel to adapt a winning approach to business. The author makes references to thinkers in this age, brings in research results from trusted agencies, and powerfully integrates today’s digital culture into an innovative approach to marketing that will certainly revolutionize any business. Read More Manifesto

“We are over halfway through a massive transformation of the advertising industry. Smartphone penetration is getting close to 100% in many parts of the world and it won’t be too long (maybe 2-3 years) before most TV and video viewing is streamed on demand and most newspapers and magazines will be read on a screen. At that point, almost all marketing will be digital. In parallel, the amount of data about your customers (and potential customers) is growing exponentially. These two trends are converging to destroy mass marketing, along with the associated slow planning timelines and wasted budgets.

To succeed in this new world, the marketing function needs to reinvent itself fast, and it won’t be easy.” Download here

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"Marketing for CEOs Focuses on Leadership that Embraces the Future".  "So your marketing team (or person) knows that you should go digital, but what do you, as the CEO, CIO, or CMO supposed to do? In "Marketing for CEOs: Death or Glory in the Digital Age", former Google COO and current CEO of AdParlor, shows leaders how they can proactively direct marketing of their business in the chaotic, technology-driven world of the future." Read More