Marketing Rock Stars  

Over the years I’ve had the privilege to work with many amazing marketing professionals who’ve inspired me and educated me. They wear many different hats and in many cases their official title sometimes has no “marketing” in it, but they are all among the movers and shakers who I call “Marketing Rock Stars”. 

In this series I will post my conversations with these marketing experts - each with diverse backgrounds and experience leading brands, top agencies and in many cases, their own firms.

Know a Marketing Rock Star who want to share his/her story?  Please email benlegg at adparlor dot com 


The Greyhound Turnaround Story - Interview with Andy Kaplinsky

Andy Kaplinsky is the Chief Commercial Officer of Greyhound with responsibility for strategy, marketing and transforming the customer experience.

Andy has a pretty unique - but cool - background for this role. He has a primarily Finance background, with his last role as the Chief Financial Officer at Greyhound. He was so passionate about the potential for transforming Greyhound, that he stepped out of the CFO role in order to roll up his sleeves and lead change from the front. However, given Andy’s Finance background, he takes a very data driven ‘value creation’ approach to marketing - an approach that I think others can learn from.