Ben is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and events and has been tapped for his expertise in delivering measureable growth to the bottom line. He also periodically called to provide expertise and commentary on trends in digital advertising on channels like BloombergTV and CNBC.

Ben’s lecture series, based on his popular book ‘Marketing for CEOs’, is the answer to this problem. Ben delivers a concise, straightforward and irreverent guide through the complex digital marketing landscape. In his engaging and candid sessions, Ben shares his insights on the players, the tools, the metrics, the potential and the pitfalls and demonstrates how today’s CEOs can navigate without losing their way –  or their jobs.

Subtitled ‘Death or Glory in the Digital Age’, the book takes organizational leaders on a sprint through the modern marketing world, where big data has become the currency and DNA of marketing success. Ben offers an engaging and no-holds barred education on how today’s marketing economics work – and how leaders can use the power of metrics and analytics to beat the market and build revenue – and keep CMOs employed.

Whether you are leading a company spending millions a year on marketing, heading a creative agency or running an IT provider, you can benefit from Ben’s workshop, drawing clear picture of how the digital marketing world fits together.

Ben is represented by London Speaker Bureau and All American Speakers.

Company presentation by Ben Legg at The Wild Digital 2016 Conference in Kuala Lumpur on the 9th of June 2016


Bloomberg Technology Commentary October 26, 2017